Allegiances are like religion; either one fully embraces, believes and espouses the tenets and dogma or the 'allegiance' is mere lip service.

Place of birth does not necessarily indicate an 'allegiance'.  An oath sworn with the best intentions is meaningless unless one truly feels a sense of kindred spirits with others of the same passion.

al·le·giance n. Loyalty owed to a nation, sovereign or cause. As with religions, allegiances cannot be mandated.  Nor does holding a specific citizenship imply an allegiance.
Is it possible to have more than one allegiance to one nation?  Does allegiance to a First Nation negate the possibility of separate loyalties to another nation or sovereign?  Who is best suited to make this determination?

Part of the military induction process involves an oath of allegiance to the respective Nation or sovereign as many Native veterans may attest.  To some, this may be nothing more than a formality, while to others it may be seen as a conflict of interests.  Each decides the depth of personal conviction and swears or signs the declaration.

The ramifications of such an act are not to be taken lightly; a Native service personnel who is ordered to bear arms against a First Nation might have a serious moral or ethical issue in complying with such a direct order.  Or possibly not.

The following links and pages are intended to celebrate the Canadian entity and identity.  Far from wistful American wannabe's, Canadian society is unique, diverse and decidedly distinct.  To be sure, there are contentious issues facing Canadians... yet the defining framework of Canada remains very much intact after 136 years.

Canada's position within the international community is both respected and secure.  Unlike its southern neighbour, Canada enjoys almost universal acceptance which has been accomplished primarily through diplomacy and peaceful intentions.  This is no small feat given the close affiliation with a nation associated with maintaining and deploying a massive military machine and often misguided foreign policies.

'Canadiana' indicates the culture, history, values and methods of a proud and independent nation which was created through a policy of diplomacy and negotiation.  'Canadiana' implies a way of life where the good of the many supercedes the good of the few... an almost polar opposite of a corporately-driven society where 'rugged individualism' and the desires of the relatively few are given preference over society in general.

For better or worse, despite admonitions and coercion, Canada has charted its own course on its own terms.  That alone speaks strongly of Canadian pride and determination.

I proudly claim and celebrate my inclusion and allegiance with the sovereign Mohawk Nation.

I proudly claim and celebrate my inclusion and allegiance with Canada and Her Sovereign.



Canadian Links 1

Links to official Federal and Provincial agencies, organisations and general Canadian information.

Canadian Links 2

A light-hearted look at Canadian society, idiosyncrasies and Canadian Pride.  With links to both the informative and offbeat side of life in the Great White North.


La Belle Province.  Views, government, culture, cities and the land.  Many links to specific areas of Québec interest including tourism, business and heritage.

Dominion People

An essay on a generation of Canadians bridging a far less flamboyant lifestyle with a post-Trudeau Canadian sophistication.  An envious look back.

The Canadian National Exhibition

The Ex.  A massive national fair done in Toronto's very own imitable style and flair.  125 years is an unbroken record for this huge Canadian party.
Hudson's Bay Point Blankets An amazing story of how a blanket helped shape a national history and became a family heirloom.  An astonishing blanket with an astounding history.