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The Iroquois.  The Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

The People of the Longhouse.

The original Five Nations . . .   the Mohawk, Oneida, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca . . .  formed a Confederacy around 1570 with the Tuscarora Nation joining in 1722.   The Six Nations... or Haudenosaunee Confederacy... was complete and endures today.

Wars, disease, internal strife, external pressures, assimilation and rejection are all part of the history of the Haudenosaunee.   Several of these aspects continue to trouble the Haudenosaunee today.

With traditional and present homelands located in relatively heavily populated regions of Canada and the United States, the Haudenosaunee are surrounded by outside influences.  The dominant culture challenges resolve and distracts attention for the traditional way of life.  Off-reserve living provides its own set of issues especially in the many urban environments.

Following the the links below will provide many views and perspectives of life for the Haudenosaunee, both past and present.  There are many voices with many opinions.  

This should come as no surprise for a Confederacy of Six Nations which deals with two federal governments, a state and two provincial  governments while managing to coordinate internal efforts of both elected and Traditional governments from within.

Despite the challenges, the Confederacy is vibrant and committed to maintain its unique culture and heritage while adapting to change in contemporary times.

It may serve as the best example of the determination of the Haudenosaunee . . . People of the Longhouse.

 Guswentha 'Two Row Wampum'

 'The Family I' by Stephanie Thompson (Mohawk)

 Haudenosaunee - 'People of the Longhouse'  Wampum and shell

 Six Nations of the Grand River Council - 1870's

 ' Morning Star ' by Joe Jacobs (Tuscarora)  'Grandmother Moon' by Tammy Tarbell-Boehning (Mohawk)  Mohawk Gustoweh


Approximate territories of the Five Nations in the 1600's

The taxation issue has vexed relations between the sovereign Indian Nations of New York State and the State of New York for years... and unfortunately shows no signs of any fast resolution.

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