From:   Some local hick
Date:   29 Oct 2004 12:14 (PDT)
To:   <kanowakeron@canada.com>
Subject:   Bob Lonsberry

This email goes out to the gut-less coward who made a whole website to rip on Bob. I believe your name is Ed. Let me first quote this of what you said, " ed. -  Switch to decaf and chill out, Bob.)  ". It looks like to me you are the moron who needs to switch to the decaf. Let me check does Bob have an entire site dedicated to pissing on you? Your antics were amusing at best. How can one be so prejudice against someone that does not agree with him/her? By showing such vitriol and hate towards these people you have become everything you CLAIM to hate. You go and have a great night and I hope you sleep well. God bless George W. Bush.

Well, well, well.  What HAVE we here?

A local supporter of Bob "Mr. Sanctimonious" Lonsberry.  A fellow pontificator who's undoubtedly studied under the Lonsberry Analytical Method which stresses off-the-cuff quips such as "gut-less (sic) coward" and "you are the moron".  Works for Bob, so it must work for me.

Let's break this one down, shall we?

(1) "This email goes out to the gut-less coward who made a whole website to rip on Bob."

Oh dear.  Looks like this hapless hayseed can't determine the difference between 'a whole website' and a very small section of a large website.  Such distinctions are mere trivialities to simple minds, but I suppose that's being overly generous.

(2) "I believe your name is Ed. Let me first quote this of what you said, " ed. -  Switch to decaf and chill out, Bob.)  ".

Ahhh... NOW I understand!!  This is an English Lit drop-out!!  Those of us quasi-educated readers are able to understand that '(ed. _______)' within a direct quote implies an editorial comment and not the editor's presumed name of 'Edward'.  Again, a simpleton would not be expected to retain such knowledge and should be forgiven for such a hysterical gaffe.

(3) "It looks like to me you are the moron who needs to switch to the decaf."

Yup... definitely a Lonsberry devotee by the gross generalisation and assumption in Bob's imitable style.  I don't drink coffee... decaffeinated or otherwise.

(4) "Let me check does Bob have an entire site dedicated to pissing on you? Your antics were amusing at best."

Bob doesn't know me from Adam and couldn't care less... of course he doesn't have 'an entire site.. (see #1 above)... dedicated to pissing on (me)".  But I'm glad this yokel  found my amusing antics to be the best aspect... much appreciated!

(5) "How can one be so prejudice against someone that does not agree with him/her? By showing such vitriol and hate towards these people you have become everything you CLAIM to hate."

Read Lonsberry's comments again.  THEN tell me who's 'so prejudice against someone that does not agree with him/her'.  Bob's vitriol and hate is so legendary, it cost him his job along with earning his the wrath of much of the community that listened to his crap.  Yet being the good God-Fearing Mormon that Bob is, he slaps a link to the Mormon church on his website as somehow proving how 'righteous' and 'tolerant' he is...  despite his publicly admitted apology to Mayor Bill Johnson for referring to him as 'an orangutan'.  Let's file that one under 'H' for Hypocrisy.

(6) "You go and have a great night and I hope you sleep well."

OK.    I'll go.    I'll have a great night.    I'll sleep well.

(7) "God bless George W. Bush."

Nimrod.  George W. Bush is already blessed by God; and he's the first to admit God told him so.

I retract nothing.  Bob Lonsberry's Mormon piety is only surpassed by his adulterous hypocrisy, thinly-veiled racism and self-serving and self-aggrandizing ego.  A petulant and whiny charity case, Lonsberry was quietly accepted back into the fold of talk radio with the proviso "Watch your ass Bob, or next time you'll REALLY be out of a job".

Let's get something straight.  The readers will notice a complete LACK of advertising and popups on this website.  The reason?

*I* pay the rent on the disk space for this website and since it's MY dime, I'll write whatever I damn well please on whoever I damn well please.  Don't like it?  First, ask me if I care - then go and set up your OWN website bashing at whatever or whoever you feel like.  I encourage readers to do that.

Second, *I* am not a public figure who uses the public airwaves to advance my own personal agenda... totally denigrating, humiliating and castigating entire segments of the community at large.  Those who use a community's mainstream media as a soapbox for racism, hypocrisy and intolerance do so at their own risk.  These people should not be shocked when personal opinion is expressed condemning their views.... which is exactly what this SECTION of this website is doing.

Finally, it bears noting these are the waning days for the traditional and conservative mindset of the Rochester area.  The policies of 'family values' at the expense of everybody else are quickly coming to a close and Lonsberry and his hometown pals are rapidly becoming anachronisms and passé.  That sort of nonsense may have been fine for Ward and June, but like it or not... diversity, diverse ideas and acceptance are the Order of the Day in the 21st Century.

Even in Rochester.  And ain't THAT a kick in the head??


Update on Bob : 05 December, 2003

Well, since we last heard from Bob he seems to have licked his wounds, rallied his slack-jawed fans and now feels boldly empowered to... (ready for THIS?).. run for New York State Assembly.

Why YES!!  Just what this state needs... another clueless legislator with a resume which includes accusations of racial intolerance, homophobia, adultery and a very public termination from his local radio show.  Sure... that makes him a prime candidate to run for public office ( from boblonsberry.com: 'So Bob, You Got Work Yet?').

Gotta give the guy his due: he's got more gall than common sense and seems to feel vindicated that the political candidate who he branded a 'gorilla' lost the election by a wide margin.

Lonsberry's ego has resumed it's regular over inflated stature.  Anyone who feels they've been given a 'mandate' simply because the object of his ridicule lost an election has more loose screws than a Chrysler K-Car.

But we wish him well in his political endeavours.

So here's to you Bob.  Evidently your fans have restored your confidence to the point where you feel emboldened to go for The Big Time.  Have at it and definitely go for broke.

There's no loser like a two-time loser.


  Monday, September 29, 2003





Image Lonsberry Fired 
After a storm of controversy, a WHAM talk show host who has been off the air for a week, is now off the WHAM airwaves permanently. After being suspended for what many protested were racially charged comments, WHAM management issued a statement Monday saying that Bob Lonsberry, who's been a talk show host at the station since 1994, has been fired for inappropriate behavior. Station officials say that WHAM embraces diversity and is adamantly opposed to comments that would divide this community. Lonsberry had made comments on the air recently alluding to the city's African-American mayor , Bill Johnson, when he spoke about the escape of an orangutan at the zoo. The WHAM statement issued Monday says that after those comments, Lonsberry convinced management that he was willing to face his mistakes and learn from his behavor. Station officials say although Lonsberry expressed a willingness to change, it became obvious that he is not embracing diversity or the beliefs of the station.

This sad story of reckless commentary and a thoughtless bid for an easy joke has no happy ending.  No opinions have changed, the target of the 'joke' has no closure and another worker has become just another unemployed statistic.

What Lonsberry does after this is anyone's guess... and Bob may be as clueless of his future as the next guy.  At his age, it's tough to suddenly switch careers considering he's trashed his resumé for future journalist positions.  What media outlet will be willing to take on a loose cannon who's been demonized in his chosen field by the public he's been wooing for a few decades?

There's only one person to blame for this.  It's not the 'leftist Liberals', it's not the 'PC morons', it's not even the 'animal rights idiots'.

It's Bob himself.  He brought his own termination upon himself and must assume all the responsibility for that.

Personally, this writer is pleased with the WHAM management decision and to be frank, they didn't have much choice.  Allowing Bob to continue whipping out caustic witty remarks (and who honestly believes he'd suddenly see the light and change his opinions?) would only perpetuate the controversy he's caused.  It's time to put this issue to rest and move on.

Bob's indicated he'd like to remain in the Rochester area and find work.  No doubt he'll find a job, but it's highly unlikely it will be in his former career path... the area is too small to quietly blend in without being noticed and his reputation has been sealed.  It's also unlikely he'll be satisfied with a position which doesn't provide  generous amounts of attention and a platform for self-expression.  Those jobs are few and far between in the Rochester area for people who've been socially ostracized.

So Lonsberry is gone.  A sacrificial lamb, a victim of diversity or a journalistic martyr... none of these matter.  A lesson has been taught and hopefully learned.

 Racial intolerance may be acceptable in other parts of the country, but here in Upstate New York, it will be addressed swiftly and decisively. 

 Regardless of whether a career is destroyed or a livelihood is placed in jeopardy. 

 Let that be a warning to anyone with similar sentiments who decides to visit and/or live here.    

  Bob Lonsberry's long descent into journalistic Skid Row 

How to spew hate and venom in the local media... and make mortgage payments at the same time!

First, let me make one thing perfectly clear. 

After all, I'm trying to make a point.

I can't stand Bob Lonsberry.  The man is functionally useless to me.

And I have to believe there are legions of listeners to his radio show who've asked themselves at one time or another, "Is this guy REALLY off his rocker... or is this a bid for attention and a paycheck?"

And I also have to wonder how many of his readers are tired.

So tired.

So very tired.

Of seeing his style of writing where each opinion.  

Each inane quip.




Is relegated to a paragraph of its own.


Journalistic styles aside, to the 99.9% of the readers of this page who've never heard of Bob Lonsberry and have no idea who in blazes this guy is nor why some backwater burg in Upstate New York would get its knickers in a knot over some hometown farm boy who Makes Good... let me provide a bit of local lore.

Bob Lonsberry is a young looking 44-year old with the Good 'Ol Boy charm and popularity which comes with having been a resident of this area for most of his life.  The reader must remember: this is the Bastion of Hometown Values and the staid conservative Family Values of mid-America.  People will first jump to the Obituaries page of the local fishwrapper just to see if there's a name they recognise in Actual Print.

That's big time excitement here.  A mention or appearance on local media brings out the VCR manual to find out how to record a video for posterity purposes to be included in the family treasure trove of memories and heirlooms.  All this is cute, quaint even, but when it comes to facing change and a departure from the ordinary, traditional and status quo... well, let's just say the unofficial motto of the Rochester area is, "Change is Bad.  We hate Change."

Bob Lonsberry has had the usual banal column in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle along with the fluff-headed suburban housefrau who reports that Maude's grandkids are in town for the summer and the merits of tempura over milk paint for craft projects.  Timely and profound things like that.

Lonsberry is Über-Right Wing.  Ultra-Conservative.  Homophobic to the point of neurosis.  Flip and scornful, Lonsberry taunts and mocks women and minorities.  He''ll defend his right to bear arms until, in the words of the late Roy Rogers, "they pry my cold dead fingers off the trigger".  How honourable.


Now let it be known, this writer can accept various political, social or religious positions regardless of how wacked-out or zany they may be.  Doesn't mean I'll personally buy into them, but there's a real interest in hearing a differing or opposing point of view from all walks of life.  However, once in a while there comes along a view or belief which flies in the face of all that is reasonable and rational and the only impression made would be, "There's a psychiatrist's goldmine".

Lonsberry is one of these people.  Some people resort to all sorts and methods of behaviour for a variety of reasons.  They could be starved for attention and acceptance, to the point of making outlandish and outrageous statements to draw the spotlight.  A media outlet is just the ticket for a well lit soapbox... complete with microphone.

Radio host's suspension extended for remarks about Rochester's black mayor

Wednesday September 24, 2003

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) A radio talk-show host who alluded to Rochester's black mayor as a monkey had his suspension extended for three days.

Bob Lonsberry, who was originally suspended for two days, will be back on the air Sept. 29, the station said Tuesday, the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported.

Lonsberry apologized Monday to Mayor William Johnson Jr. in taped remarks at the beginning and end of his three-hour show on WHAM radio. The show was handled by a stand-in host.

Lonsberry, a Republican, has been highly critical in recent months of Johnson, a Democrat who is running for Monroe County executive the region's top political post in the November election.

Last Thursday, as monkey sounds played in the background, Lonsberry joked about ``monkeys loose up at the zoo again,'' the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reported.

``That's really fine, really fine,'' he said. ``Yeah, yeah, and he's running for county executive. What is with that?''

He made a similar reference last month after an orangutan escaped from its cage at a city zoo. ``Headline: Orangutan escapes at zoo, runs for county executive. Fascinating stuff,'' he said.

Johnson, who was elected Rochester's first black mayor in 1993, was not mentioned by name.

The station did not say whether Lonsberry will be paid during the suspension.

(It would be fascinating to delve into Lonsberry's status as an adopted individual (one he's rightfully proud of) and determine if rejection and/or an obsessive need for attention and approval has any deep rooted psychological basis. But I digress.)

Some people take inordinate pleasure in pushing other people's buttons.  Leaving a trail of angst and outrage provides warm smiles of having succeeded in making a personal noise and impression.  Like passing wind, the scent both lingers and offends.  Job well done.

Some people may even have a personal agenda which demands fame on a stage to impress and win favour from their like-mided buddies.  "I know So-and-So personally" is almost a calling card and suggests not only an identifiable outlet of their beliefs, but guarantees the Swarm Factor at the favourirte beer buddies' hangout.  A lofty life's avocation if ever there was one.

One also has to wonder what sort of personal agenda would cause the Mormon Church to toss out one of its own members.  Clearly our man Bob is no Leftist by any stretch of the imagination, so one can only imagine how extreme his Right Wing values really are.  There's no explanation of the particular charges, but if the Mormon Church threw out somebody who's too conservative, the possibilities might have some serious implications.  Maybe it was only because of youthful indiscretions.  Certainly couldn't have been due to outrageous opinions or beliefs.

Bob Lonsberry makes no bones about his disdain of Rochester Mayor Bill Johnson.  Johnson, African-American and decidedly Democrat, is running against Suburban Republican Maggie Brooks (whose stint on the local TV station as a news anchor and subsequent position as elected County Clerk no doubt qualifies her to manage New York State's third largest metropolitan area) for the race of Monroe County Executive.... a position held predominately by suburban Republican interests.

Lonsberry's latest, and perhaps final, act of idiocy concerns his radio show where he referred to Mayor Johnson as "an orangutan" and in the past, "a monkey".  Even in the cozy world of the brand of insidious racism which pervades this area, there's a significant population of higher-educated people who simply cannot sit back and let Bob the Bad Boy mouth off anymore.  Lonsberry, a good-looking man with the air of a past high-school jock and his trademark bowtie, has finally been seen for what he is.  His cover, never very convincing anyway, has been stripped away and his obvious personal demons have come to surface.

Personal integrity is for saps.  Saying one thing and doing the complete opposite has become acceptable practice for public luminaries.  That's called hypocrisy and is very much the American Way in the eyes of many international communities... and 'Ol Bob definitely wants you to know he's all for the American Way. Whatever pays the mortgage.

Regardless of the cost.

WHAM 1180 AM may believe ratings will be fat and happy with hoards of listeners tuning in to hear outrageous commentary, but it only proves yet another marketing theory with no basis in reality.  It's a foolish and gross generalisation to believe ALL listeners of talk radio tune in to hear the radio version of the Jerry Springer Show.  And, in fact, many non-listeners (such as yours truly) will only feel compelled to write the advertisers informing them their products and services are no longer needed.  I'm only too delighted to hit 'em where they live.

The mere fact that Lonsberry has been able to maintain his status as a journalist says plenty about the local population.  Ex-NYC Mayor Ed Koch once mentioned (parenthetically) that Upstate New Yorkers' idea of high fashion "was buying a gingham dress from the Penney's catalogue".  In other words, this part of the state is filled with hicks and hayseeds.  Lonsberry's appeal only bolsters that gross assumption.

Bob's mighty talk show even plays in the Salt Lake City area in Utah... the state with the fuzziest line between church and state in the union.  That his show would be well received in the state that brought you the Osmonds and mass-murderer Gary Gilmore should come as no surprise.  Pious superficiality is one of Bob's stronger points.

It should be noted Bob is selectively weeding out comments on his website.  That of course, his entirely his prerogative as it is his website, yet one has to wonder whether the pro-comments are intentionally featured while only a small number of 'Thumbs Down' are allowed to give a false impression of the magnitude of support.  The people from Toronto who've made comments pointing out that he's jeopardising the success of the Fast Ferry project with his rather unflattering portrayal of the residents of the Rochester area have been deftly left out of the list of comments. 

At this point, the last thing Bob wants to invite are fears about the imagined boatloads of Canadians swarming into the Port of Rochester never materialising due to unprogressive and intolerant sentiments.  When the fast ferry goes belly-up, choruses of "Blame Bob" might put a real damper on an already fragile ego.

Ever on the lookout for a venue to promote his thinly disguised messages of hate and intolerance, Bob has branched out to a modestly-named website of BobLonsberry.com and its equally succinct alternative URL of simply Lonsberry.com .  Some might wonder if the motivation for such catchy and original names may indicate an ego in dire need of constant stroking.  Or perhaps it's just easier for his devoted slack-jawed fans to remember.

But Bob is more ambitious than only mouthing off in front of a starry-eyed social wannabes who're so desperate to rub elbows with local notables that they'd agree with hopelessly outdated racial rhetoric.  No, Lonsberry wants to spread The Word among the like-minded forums and discussion rooms of the  World Wide Web.  And Bob plays on.

Until now.  This past week, Smilin' Bob finally suffered a rather nasty case of Engaging-The-Mouth-Before-The-Brain Syndrome... and the strain he has is called Revealing-The-Truth Complex.  The face really makes a thud when it finally falls off.

To read about Bob's latest, and perfectly expected gaff.  Click on Democrat & Chronicle 09/ 23/2003: Radio host punished for words .

NAACP representatives have called for his termination from Clear Channel.  Initially, he was suspended without pay for a staggering WHOLE DAY, but the public hue and cry has prompted Lonsberry's boss to extend the suspension to an entire WEEK .  Admitting guilt by making a public apology, Bob may THINK he's performed an act of contrition and all is well, but the eventual course of events will show this to be the beginning of the end for his career.  Poor Bob.  And with all those awards singing his praises.

"A writer is a fanatic.

 A cocksure, arrogant little pain-in-the-neck fanatic  who pecks out words under the delusion that it means something and makes a difference and somehow, over the morning coffee, somebody is going to agree."

 From BobLonsberry.com 

Well, Bob, you got it half right; writers are fanatics.  I can agree with the driving need to produce the written word.

As for the "cocksure, arrogant little pain-in-the-neck" part, it's nice to see you're still capable of seeing yourself as others do.

(Maybe the meds are working...)

What qualifies one to be 'cocksure'?  Can a female writer be 'cocksure'?  

Just checking.

Well, for just a sprinkling of Bob's witty reparteé and expert assessment of What Ails Everything - And How You Stupid Douche Bags Can Fix It, have a gander ( the term ' hypocrite' comes to mind... ) :

On the murders at Columbine High School: "...I look at what happened in Littleton I see proof not that things are going wrong in America, but that things are going right."
On gay adoption: (Classic.  Lonsberry.  Writing.) "...In the decree of nature, if you're born gay, you're born not to be a parent."   (ed. - And the inability to procreate mandates not being a parent?  Say Bob... weren't YOU  adopted?) 
On animal rights activists: "...non-profit cat ladies... These are the do-gooders who think all the elephants in the zoo should be turned loose.

This is stealth PETA. Low-grade animal rights idiots."

On the creation of a gay high school in NYC: "...A special high school for gay kids.  Gay and lesbian and cross-dressing and trans-sexual high school kids... Freaks, I believe they are called.... they're at the gay academy learning how to be queers."   (ed. - No, they've already learned that; they're just looking for an education in a non-oppressive environment... what a ridiculous idea.)  
On the influx of Puerto Ricans and African-Americans to his little town: "...We’ve imported a ghetto. There is a spreading uncouth, lawless, angry and loud element....Some of these new folks have come with a giant chip on their shoulders, itching for a fight."
On his demand for privacy and close relationship with God: "...people who feel otherwise can kiss my ass...They do this because they’re hateful bastards....My life is between me and God and everybody else can kiss off."   (ed. -  Switch to decaf and chill out, Bob.) 
On Latinos, assimilation and why we should all be like the Irish, German or Italians: "..I think Latinos are minorities in America because they want to be. And because they typically make choices which assure and perpetuate their “minority” status.. They will have to stop being Latinos.. America will be better for it.."     (ed. -  Nice, quasi-white, English-speaking service workers... that'll  do...) 
On Muslim (not specifically Palestinian) soldiers: "...Muslim warriors are gutless bastards... What kind of gutter do these animals come from?...In real civilizations, men fight men.  In Muslim culture, it's cowards attacking children."   (ed. - Change 'Muslim' to 'Christian' and see if it makes any less sense.) 
On not saying "I love you' enough: "...Life has few things of true worth.  Love is one of them... Tell the people you love that you love them."

(ed.  -  Written nine days before eloping with his second (third?) wife,,, which ended in divorce in less than four months.  See  the request for privacy column .)

On his 'sage' advice to an ex-policeman convicted of fifteen counts of sexual abuse: "... He’s got to get the help his behavior demands and he’s got to make peace with whatever it is that rages within him.... The rest of your life will be determined by how you handle this situation, by how humble and truly regretful you are.  How successful you are at scrubbing this evil from your soul."    (ed. - See any parallels here?) 
On his assessment and generalisation of the country of France "... I even know they smell, have greasy hair and poor hygiene habits, and that their women don’t shave... France is a pain in the backside. The self-important blowhard brother-in-law in the world family..."    (ed. - Oh, my.  No  doubt tens of thousands of French will go to bed crying over THAT pronouncement.) 
On urging elected county District Attorneys to work harder for their tax-payer paid salaries "You’re only 61. That’s too young to retire. But if you do want an easier load, to spend time with family and loved ones, it’s worth remembering that a district attorney sets his own schedule and can order his office any way he chooses.   (ed.  - "Yah... we don't care if you slack off... just so long as you're a Republican DA".) 
Bob Recants In a bid to save his cash cow, Bob apologizes, 'takes a few weeks off' and enrolls in Diversity training.  His handlers think this seemingly altruistic gesture will quell the mounting tide of criticism, but we've seen this superficial garbage before.
BobLonsberry.com Looks innocent enough.  Even has a touch of folksy humour.  It belies a pathetic agenda.
Lonsberry.com Bob wants to make sure some of his less-educated fans don't have to type anymore than absolutely necessary (B-O-B only confuses things)... plus, if one is intent on covering all the publicity bases, it pays to keep it simple.  Simple minds; simple pleasures.

A true devoteé of  "There no such thing as bad publicity", Bob's managed to score a real coup this time:

Lonsberry Criticism Grows Top local news item of the day.  Murders are an almost daily occurrence but Lonsberry makes the headlines.
Lonsberry Flap Generates More Heat Bob's employer is getting worried; WHAM - 1180AM recognizes a problem and liability.
Radio Remarks Stir Exec Race The candidates for County Executive either condemn or distance themselves from a loose cannon.  Mayor Johnson worries the Rochester area will become known as "... a redneck backwater type of community...".  Too late. 
Lonsberry To Take Time Off Air So his job is on the line, eh?  Tragic.  So are his employer's advertising dollars, which is a perceived greater tragedy.
Lonsberry Asks Mayor for Meeting Shrewd  move... apologize personally, take a diversity training course, try to win the respect and admiration for being a 'big man' and save your job.  Only problem?  Does anyone seriously believe Lonsberry will suddenly reverse his bigoted opinions  - or - simply not express them in such a careless manner?
Lonsberry Firing Demanded Republican, Democratic, business and now church leaders have called for Bob being terminated.  Loose lips sink careers and advertising dollars. How does that that go? 'Ye reap what Ye sow'?
N.Y. Radio Host Apologizes for Remarks Mmmm.  MORE publicity. No doubt plenty of Newsday.com readers will be left with a wonderful  impression of the residents of this area. WELL DONE, Bob!!
Radio Host Suspended for Insulting Mayor And the Washington Post as well.  Since you're dusting off your resumé (which should come in handy in a few weeks), THIS ought to look good, no?  Should be plenty of prospective media employers looking for somebody who'll attract boycotts and hammer their advertising income.
Mayor Reacts to Lonsberry's Termination And in the end, the target of Lonsberry's invective is somewhat cool to the news. "(He) did himself in.."  Hizzoner nails it.
Channel 13's Don Alhart Interviews Bob Lonsberry Smilin' Don Alhart gets the lowdown from Lonsberry on his termination, what he plans to do and yet another, "But I didn't mean...".  Mmmm.  That's OK, Bob; WE know what you meant ;-)
Democrat & Chronicle : WHAM Fires Lonsberry The local paper minces no words.
Lonsberry Flap Continues The story that won't die.  The tremendous outpouring of supporters protesting WHAM's decision... some 15 or so... made the nightly headlines.  It's the talk of the town, you see.

And for those who feel compelled to speak up and do something about attention-dependent racists.

Send a comment to Clear Channel Lonsberry's ex-employer needs to know racism is unacceptable and his termination is welcomed and appreciated. Click to contact the Radio Public Relations staff of the Corporate Offices of Clear Channel in San Antonio TX.
Send a comment to WHAM - 1180AM The local radio station where Lonsberry dished out his unique brand of stupidity.  Suggestion: Write a quick word of thanks.

 It's time to take a stand against blatant racism and send Bob Lonsberry packing.  His venomous diatribes have been made known on a national level. 

 This is a prime opportunity to send a strong message that intolerance and bigotry is offensive and unacceptable. 

   Bob Lonsberry has got to go. 

And so he is.  À bientôt, M. Lonsberry!

Perhaps you'll find kindred spirits in some other place... just as long as it isn't here.

 Mettons fin au racisme!