Dirty Vegas - 'Ghosts'


Confessions of a Webmaster    16 FEB 2003

Grammys: OutKast, Honour THIS    14 FEB 2003

Dotted Lines of the Mind     11 FEB 2003

Rambling Thoughts on Native Taxation in That Empire of States, New York     08 FEB 2003

Flag Etiquette: Racism under the guise of Patriotism?              19 NOV 2003

We Need A Revolution           09 NOV 2003

California First Nations need help  07 NOV 2003

The Angry Indian Syndrome   03 NOV 2003

Tuktoyaktuk's Dilemma  14 SEPT 2003

Indian Cheese - Women, Wolves and the Web

Proselytizing and Tradition - by John Potter

Diversity: The Corporate Imperative

Cars; Rambling & Reminiscing

Everyday Racism - by Tim Wise

Native Spiritualism : Not For Sale

Dancing Warriors

Native Casinos and Gaming

SUNY Potsdam Raises Haudenosaunee, Canadian Flags

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Kanesatake : You Can Work This Out  09 FEB 2004

Underlying Indian Tax Debate is possibility of violence  06 FEB 2004

School Immerses Mohawk Children In Traditional Language  29 NOV 2003

Buffalo News: Indian Taxes Depend on Reading of Treaty  25 NOV 2003

Seneca / NYS Taxation ; Honor Indian Treaties

The taxation issue has vexed relations between the sovereign First Nations of New York State and the State of New York for years... and unfortunately, shows no signs of any fast resolution.

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A Flag and a People Denied   19 NOV 2003

Iroquois flag: Symbol of Peace  25 NOV 2003



Republican Hypocris.. Logic  23 FEB 2004

Canadian vs. U.S. Economies  11 JUNE 2004

The REAL State of the Union  20 JAN 2004

Blame Canada!  20 DEC 2003

Name That War!  01 DEC 2003

'Drunk' US soldier kills tiger in Baghdad zoo  23 SEPT 2003

Salam Pax of Baghdad: Americans at Our Front Door   23 SEPT 2003   ' Tusen Röster ' - Mauro Scocco, Lisa Nilsson, Plura Jonsson, Dilba, Meja, Peter Jöback, Uno Svenningsson & Stephen Simmonds

George W. Bush's Curriculum Vitæ  13 SEPT 2003

Israel: $ You're on Your Own $  11 SEPT 2003

An Incomprehensible Act

The U.S. - Moral Leader?

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Her Excellency Governor-General Clarkson- Some Calm Reflections : by John Aimers  17 MAR 2004

U.S Missiles in Canada??  23 FEB 2004

Conan O'Brien: American Media Hæmorrhoid  14 FEB 2004

No Such Thing as the Canadian Dream?  17 DEC 2003

Canadian Crossroads - Invasion of Iraq / IslamOnline.net  24 AUG 2003

Monarchy is the Best Policy

Sustainability and the Canada Well-Being Act

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Globe and Mail: Rochester - Ferry Bad Place   02 DEC 2003

Toronto Star: Rochester Smug No More   18 NOV 2003

Rochester's Celebrated Racis... uhhh... RASCAL!               25 SEPT 2003

Toronto-Rochester Fast Ferry     08 AUG 2001

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PEACE PARTY - A 'Must See' Website and Multicultural COMIC feat. Native Americans  16 FEB 2004

GoodMinds.com: A Great Resource 30 SEPT 2003

Gratitude  11 SEPT 2003



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