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Flag Etiquette: Racism under the guise of Patriotism?              19 NOV 2003

Toronto Star: Rochester Smug No More           18 NOV 2003

We Need A Revolution           09 NOV 2003

California First Nations need help   07 NOV 2003

The Angry Indian Syndrome   03 NOV 2003

Rochester's Celebrated Racis... uhhh... RASCAL!               25 SEPT 2003

'Drunk' US soldier kills tiger in Baghdad zoo  23 SEPT 2003

Salam Pax of Baghdad: Americans at Our Front Door   23 SEPT 2003

Tuktoyaktuk's Dilemma  14 SEPT 2003

George W. Bush's Curriculum VitŠ  13 SEPT 2003

Israel: $ You're on Your Own $  11 SEPT 2003

Gratitude  11 SEPT 2003

Canadian Crossroads - Invasion of Iraq/  24 AUG 2003

Indian Cheese - Women, Wolves and the Web

Proselytizing and Tradition - by John Potter

Diversity: The Corporate Imperative

An Incomprehensible Act

The U.S. - Moral Leader?

Cars; Rambling & Reminiscing

Monarchy is the Best Policy

Sustainability and the Canada Well-Being Act

Everyday Racism - by Tim Wise

Native Spiritualism : Not For Sale

Dancing Warriors

Native Casinos and Gaming

Toronto-Rochester Fast Ferry

SUNY Potsdam Raises Haudenosaunee, Canadian Flags

This Is Not America

David Bowie and Pat Metheny