Perhaps the demeanor of this page title might indicate prose, poetry or other gentle pursuits.

 Actually, it's the Opinions page which may double as the 'Angst And Praise' pages.  'Opinionless Mohawk' is an oxymoron.

Politics, government, spirituality, social issues, Aboriginal Rights, health, historical references, hobbies and pastimes, the bigots and the brave, pop culture, computers, the status quo, misfits and legends, and just about anythingAudi A6 Avant else.  Maybe even cars.     

Humour or anger, delight or resentment, enlightenment or confusion.... if what you find in here stirs the emotions and gives reason to pause and reflect, it can't be all that bad.

The Don't-Flame-Me-It's-Only-An-Opinion Disclaimer

The material presented herein is the expressed opinion of the author who has no real desire to rain on anybody's parade.  Nor does said author advocate, endorse or in any other way put credence on retaliatory measures.... be it overt or covert, conscious or not, cyber-wise or physically... to himself or anyone else.

Fully cognizant that everybody has an opinion, it is the author's sincere wish to state his perspective... in a succinct and respectful manner.  With malice toward none and a healthy respect to all.

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Free Standing Issues


Adoption and Adoptees

Chief Joseph Thayendanegea Brant


Joseph Thayendanegea Brant / UEL Canada

End this Stupidity.. now.The Mascot Issue

Pro-Choice, Pro-Child


Pro-Choice,  Pro-Child

Childless By Choice



Childless By Choice

  1941 Chevy Cantrell-bodied woodie

A World of Wagons



the native canadian