This information was originally published by:
Papers and Records
Volume 1, Published in Toronto in 1899
Pages 113-117.



Joseph Brant was married three times: firstly, to Margaret daughter of an Oneida Chief; secondly, to Susanna, sister of Margaret; thirdly, to Catharine, said to have been the daughter of Colonel Croghan by an Indian wife. (See Drake's History and Biography of Joseph Brant.) The eldest child of the first union was Isaac; the second child was Christina. Of the second marriage there was no issue. Of the third marriage seven children were born.

John Brant is the most notable of the sons of Joseph. He occupied many creditable positions with the N.E. Company; was Superintendent of the Six Nation Indians; and he was finally elected a member of parliament for Haldimand. Unfortunately, in 1832, he died from cholera.

The object in view in preparing this paper is to trace that branch of the Brant family tree which seems to have almost disappeared from local histories. Probably this is owing to the fact that Isaac had a very unenviable reputation, he having quarrelled with his father and received a scalp wound at Dundurn Park,-then known to the Indians as Bihserihneh. Many have maintained that Isaac was killed outright, but, as a matter of fact, he died in the vicinity of Brantford, in the year 1795. He was born about the year 1762, in New York State, at Canajoharic Castle, and was educated in the neighborhood, probably at Fort Hunter, where Dr. Stewart opened a school in the year 1771. His education, however, was said to have been completed at Niagara. After the Revolutionary War he married Mary Hill, (Athahondis'on, a Mohawk), whose brother was John Hill (Chief Sadekariwadeh, of the Turtle gens). Her mother's name was Esther, (Dekahondahgweh). Isaac's widow died about the year 1825. The writer's grandmother distinctly remembers seeing her at her house near the old Mohawk church.

Two girls were born of this marriage, named Ellen and Margaret. Mention is made among some correspondence which has come to hand of two "lovely children of Isaac's" at the house of Brant, in Burlington, indicating that Isaac did not marry early, since he was over thirty years of age at the time of his death, in 1795. Both girls were born in the vicinity of Brautford. They were fairly well educated.

Ellen, the eldest, married, about the time of her grandfather's death at Burlington Beach, Joseph Lotteridge, a half-breed, whose Dutch and U. E. Loyahst descent is traced to the Mohawk Valley. His mother was a Mohawk woman, named O'Weanogan. Joseph Lotteridge died in 1854. Five children were born of this union, namely Mary (living), Margaret (deceased), Esther (living), Catharine (deceased), and Isaac (living).

Margaret, the second child of Isaac Brant, was married to Jacob Lewis, (Dakerhidontyeh). One boy was born who survived his parents. He died when quite young. Of Ellen's children, Mary was born on March 21st, 1817,* on the Waterhouse farm, on the north banks of the Grand River, near Brantford. She is still living. She was married three times: first, to Daniel Doxtater, a Mohawk; the second time to Samson Hess, also a Mohawk; and the third time to Rev. Abram Sickle, an Oneida. Of this last marriage there was no issue. Of the first marriage seven children were born, of whom but one is living, Chief Daniel Doxtater, born October 7th, 1837. He married Zeby Carpenter, now deceased. Ten children were born of this union, of whom four are now living, Daniel, Julia, Job, and Mary. Danial married Susan Green and had six children. Julia, married to Uriah Martin, has issue, three children; Job, married to Lydia (Squire) Hill, had also three children. Mary is unmarried. *Date doubtful.

HESS FAMILY.-Of the second marriage, John Enoch, and William are living. John married first, Mary Hill Jacket, daughter Chief David Hill Jacket and Eva, issue Samson; second married Christina Hill Jacket, and has issue five children. One girl, named Ellen,is married to David Herkimer (Objiwa). Enoch, married to Mary Magdelene George; had no issue. William, married Septembor 24th., 1876, to Sarah Crawford, has issue, one girl, Nellie, living, unmarried. Of the third marriage, no issue. The marriage of Rev. Abram Sickle (Oneida), from the Thames River, took place at the Six Nation Reserve on March 13th, 1873. Rev. A. Sickle was a Methodist, and devoted his whole life to christianizing his people. Moving back to his Reserve the year following his marriage to Mary Hess, he remained at his post until the fatal accident occurred in London, when he fell backwards and broke his neck, dying instantly, on the 23rd of May, 1884. His widow returned to her former home, and is now among those present here.

The second daughter of Ellen Lotteridge, the grand-daughter of Isaac Brant, was born in May, 1819. Her name was Margaret. She was married to John Sawyer. She died a few years ago, leaving a large family of ten children, consisting of Esther, John, Alexander, Peter, Jacob, Levi, Dan, Sarah, Mary, and Isachar. Most of these, or all of them, are married and have children. Esther Lotteridge, third child, was born March 20th, 1821, on the site of the city of Brantford. She was baptised at the Old Mohawk church and received her education at the Mohawk Institute, which was established in the year 1822. The same year the Methodist Mission began its work on the Grand River,

Esther was married, first to Peter Powless, a Mohawk. Lydia and Peter were born of this union. Both are living. Lydia was born June 19th, 1842; married to Cornelius Cornelius, an Oneida. About sixteen children were born to Lydia. Nine daughters are living. Jemima, Mary, Esther, and Susanna are married and have large families. Daughters of Jemima and Esther are married and have several children. Five living generations are represented in this branch of the Brant family. Peter, second child and only son of Esther (living), was born on the Grand River at Newport, which was formerly called Burch's Landing, in the days of the Grand River Navigation Company, on June 10th, 1844. He is at present the hereditary Chief, bearing the name of Shadekariwade, and speaker in the Council for the Three Brothers. He is married to Catharine Henhawk, and has a large family, most of them boys. Elizabeth, born 1872, is the widow of a Tuscarora Indian from Lewiston, New York State, and she has two children.

The second marriage of Esther was to an Oneida Chief, the Rev. Thomas Funn. In his day he was speaker in the Council for the Four Brothers. He manifested great interest in the general welfare of the Six Nation people, devoted his time and energies in the Council and at religious gatherings. For many years before his death he occupied the Methodist pulpit, being, it is generally claimed, an eloquent speaker. The Wesleyan Methodists ordained him a minister of the Gospel in the year 1853. At the same time a call was extended to him from the Oneida Reserve, but he refused to accept it, thinking, no doubt, that the Six Nations had a prior claim upon his labors. He died in 1856 after a few days illness of typhoid fever. Seven children were born of this marriage, of whom Ellen, Elizabeth, and Catharine are living. They are all married, and have issue.

Ellen, the first child of the second marriage, was born August 24th, 1848, and married in the year 1864, on the 14th of February to Tanish, or Denis Shero or Sero, son of John and Dorothy Sero, Bay of Quinte Mohawks, who had left their former home, and traveled by ox-team, passing through York on the way. John lived to the age of 77. His widow, who died three years ago, is said to have been born in the winter of 1779.

The American war separated them for a time after their marriage, for Denis joined the soldiers of the North and was stationed at Georgia. He returned to Canada in the fall of 1865. On the 10th of June, 1867, John was born. Juliana was born on June 16th, 1869. She died in infancy. Albert was born July 15th, 1875. Denis Sero died September 3rd, 1876, and was buried at the White School House, where all his children were baptized. His widow, Ellen, is married to Peter Martin, son of Alexander and Eva (deceased). Two girls and one boy, the issue of this second marriage, are living. The eldest girl, Agnes Adeline, married Peter Miller, son of Josiah, in 1898.

John, the first child of Ellen and Denis, was born about two miles from the south banks of the Grand River, in a log house, which is still there. He was baptized at the Methodist church, commonly known as the White School House. While he was in England, circumstances arose in which it was necessary he should produce a baptismal certificate. This was impossible at the time. Under the guidance and tutorship of the Rev. Henry Henn, M.A., Fellow of Cambridge University, England, it was decided that the only way out of the difficulty was to have another baptism, the Rev. Henry Henn, and Rev. Chas. Priff to be godfathers, on condition that the name of "Brant" be taken as part of the name, and to be hyphened with that of Sero. Accordingly, in the month of June John was rechristened at St. Paul's (Church of England), Preston, Lancashire, England, as "John Ojijatekha Brant." He married Frances Baynes Kirby, widow of the Rev. H. W. Kirby, rector Field Broughton, Grange-over-Sands, Lancashire.

Albert, the second son of Ellen, is still unmarried. Elizabeth, the second daughter of Esther and Thomas Funn, is married to Samson Newhouse, Mohawk. She has five children, two girls and three boys, none of whom are married.

Catharine, the third daughter, married Jacob Smith, an Oneida. Of this marriage five children are living, namely, Albert, Jonas, Emy, Mary Jane, and Cissy. Albert is married and has three children. Emy married Martin in 1896.

Peter Schyler, an Oneida, was the third husband of Esther. Several children were born of this union, but they all died in infancy. In 1869, on Sept. 2nd, Esther was married for the fourth time. This husband was a Mohawk named Isaac Glans. There was no issue of this union. Isaac Glans died October 19th, 1893. His widow survives; she is seventy-seven years of age, and grandmother of the writer.

Catharine, or Katy, the fifth child of Ellen and Joseph Lotteridge, was born in 1829. She married William Canada Maricles, a Bay of Quinte Mohawk, who is now living. Catharine died, July 25th, 1892, leaving three sons. She had one daughter, who died previous to her mother, and who was married to David Williams. The three sons are living, namely, William Henry, married to Mary Hill; Samuel Daniel, married to Hannah Hill Jacket; and John Peter, married to Mary Ann Gonwaninow Hill. All have issue.

Isaac, the only son living, was born 1827. Married three times: first to Lydia Powless, ?? issue; second, to Catherine Ducan; third, to ?? Garlow. One daughter and one son are living, and married. Both have large families.

HAMILTON, ONT., June, 1898.