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Many of these Loyalist images are from - Groups of People - Loyalists: Upper Canada & St. Lawrence and Loyalists: Atlantic Canada .  The thumbnail links below open in this frame and each link has another link which is a larger image.

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    United Empire Loyalists    

 Loyalists: Upper Canada & St. Lawrence

Inland Loyalists A 1934 Canadian stamp commemorating the 150th anniversary of their arrival in future Ontario, from a sculptured group of Loyalists in downtown Hamilton.
ID #10199
Loyalist Encampment A loyalist encampment on the Upper St. Lawrence River, 1784, with ex-soldiers and their families serving as the real basis of settlement in Eastern Ontario.
ID #10200
Loyalist Settler Loyalist settler sowing grain in a rough clearing alongside the upper St. Lawrence, Upper Canada, 1784. Watercolour by C.W. Jefferys
ID #20621
Loyalists Travelling Loyalists en route to Upper Canada. By Charles W. Jefferys.
ID #21771
Loyalists along the St. Lawrence In the spring of 1784, many Loyalists travelled up the St. Lawrence River, camping along the way, before settling on new lands. Pen and ink by Charles William Jefferys, (1869-1951).
ID #21679
Early Ontario Settlement Clearing and rough buildings of an early Ontario settlement.
ID #20286
Loyalist Farm Essential domestic work on an emerging Loyalist farm in early Upper Canada: carding wool from sheep, spinning thread, weaving cloth for garments, hauling firewood, and serving tea.
ID #10204
Loyalist Home An early Loyalist home in Upper Canada, c. 1791.
ID #20682
United Empire Loyalists A Canadian postage stamp issued to commemorate the arrival of United Empire Loyalists from the United States to Upper Canada, a political entity created in 1791.
ID #23043
Battle of Montréal   September 25, 1775.    Ethan Allen, the hero of Ticonderoga, had been sent by General Richard Montgomery to enlist support of Canadian sympathizers to help with their siege of St. John's.  300 Canadians volunteer.  Instead of returning to St. John's though, he leads them in an attack on Montréal where they are soundly defeated.  Ethan Allen and 35 others are captured.
Colonel Guy Johnson and Karonghyontye (Captain David Hill) 1776   By Benjamin West (1738 - 1820).
Loyal Then; Loyal Now   Programme cover of the Grand River Branch U.E.L.A.C.'s  ' Tribute to the Loyalists of the Long Point Settlement and Upper and Lower Canada ' ;  VIttoria  Ontario ,  21 June 2003

 Loyalists: Atlantic Canada

United Empire Loyalists United Empire Loyalists landing at the site of Saint John, New Brunswick, 1783. New Brunswick was largely created by the flow of Loyalists into the region. Print by John David Kelly (1862-1958), before 1935.
ID #20073
1783 Loyalist Fleet Following the American Revolutionary War, thousands of Loyalists came in convoys out of New York to Atlantic Canada.
ID #20680
The Loyalists Are Coming A rather idealized older picture of Loyalists landing on a rocky Nova Scotian coast, in all their aristocratic finery and courtly manner.
ID #10192
Empire Loyalists-2 United Empire Loyalists drawing lots for their lands, 1784, in the remaining British North American territories. Pen and ink by C.W. Jefferys (1869-1951).
ID #20075
Black Woodcutter Among some 16,000 Loyalists who built the community of Shelburne, Nova Scotia, were about 2,000 Blacks from the old Thirteen Colonies, including this woodcutter in 1788.
ID #10196
Empire Loyalists-1 United Empire Loyalists on the move near Halifax, Nova Scotia in the late 18th century. Whole fleets of Loyalists travelled from New York to the Maritime provinces. Watercolour by Robert Petley, c. 1835.
ID #20074